Saturday, January 2, 2010

Theres No Place Like Home

Day 0

41 days.

I'm finally back from Costa Rica. What a beautiful and exciting country!
I'm still hoping for an official Students Live interview sometime tomorrow, but until I manage to get in touch with the lady I have in mind, here's a transcript of an interview I did earlier in the year with Youthink Magazine.
Christina Dun and Michelle Pham are both members of The Sharing The Dream Webcast Team and conduct interviews and present webcasts about the games. I spoke to them about the importance of youth involvement in The Olympics.

1. How has Sharing the Dream changed your point of view on The Olympic and Paralympic Games?
Christina: Sharing the Dream has definitely allowed me to explore more of the goals and values that come with the Olympics. It has helped me realize that The Olympics are much more than just a sports competition; they're an outlet for sportsmanship, culture, sustainability, and they ultimately helps to bring the world closer together.
Michelle:Sharing the Dream has let me grasp the purpose of the Olympics. The real core and truth of the Olympics. That purpose is to promote peace through sport. For one [period of] time, we all get together and put aside our cultural and personal beliefs to just simply unite.
2. Why is it important that youth are involved with The Games?
Christina: I think it is important for youth to get involved because this major event does not happen very often. It's not everyday that your hometown is chosen to welcome thousands of guests from around the world to take part in one of the most anticipated events of 2010. By being involved in the Olympics, teens are able to learn about different cultures, get exposed to different aspects of sports, and will be a part of history in the making!
Michelle: One day, the youth of today will be the ones organizing the games. This opportunity is a once in a lifetime thing for Vancouver youth! It has the chance to influence so many of us in our perception of the world and other countries. Furthemore, engaging youth in something as large as this shows that youth matter to our society.

My Youthink article on The Legacy of The Vancouver 2010 Olympics should hit schools and other distributers on Monday. Pick up a copy!