Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maelle Ricker Press Conference

Day 6
In the past twenty four hours Maelle Ricker has become a veritable superstar. Yesterday, she won Canada's second gold medal of the Games - becoming both the first Canadian woman and the first British Columbian to win a gold on home turf. Since then, she's faced non-stop flashing cameras, inquiring journalists, and cheering citizens. At 12:15 today, she stopped by The Robson Square Media Center, and addressed the unaccredited press.

Genny Nugent ( and I had the chance to ask her a couple questions - definitely the chance of a lifetime.
To start off, we mentioned Ricker's reputation for being fast out of the gates, and asked her how it feels to be standing there, and what runs through her mind as she waits for the gates to open. She spoke about the anticipation and focus, how she runs through the course one final time in her mind, while croushing low, preparing to spring forward.

Secondly, we asked her how she used to balance her sport and her obligations as a student, back when she was in highschool like us. She spoke, first, about the support of her teachers and family, the remainder of her answer is in the video below.

Having the opportunity to speak to a national hero was truly amazing. In fact, I'm still a little shaky as I type this out. I'd like to put out a huge congratulation to Maelle Ricker, and also a huge thanks for the positive example she's setting for Canadians, expecially young girls across the country.
To end off the blog, I've included a few more photos and videos from the conference. Enjoy!