Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paralympic Fever

11 Days after the Olympic Games
1 Day before the Paralympic Games

It's the eve before the Paralympic Games, and in some ways, I'm just as excited as I was a month ago for the Olympic version - maybe more so.

This time, I'm a bit more prepared for what to expect. I honestly can't wait to return to the crowds at Robson Square, and admire the torch burning once more. In a way, knowing that I'll be skytrain-ing downtown tomorrow for an event is like knowing I'll be coming home.

And what an event I've got tomorrow. I'll be at Robson Square to watch the Torch Celebration, and then over to BC place for Opening Ceremony!

Some quick facts on the Paralympic Games (Courtesy of VANOC) to get you prepared:
- 10 days of Paralympic Games events: March 12-21, 2010
- 64 Oaralympic Winter Games medal events
-1,350 Paralympic Games athletes and officials
-40 Countries participating in Paralympic Winter Games

Opening Ceremony starts at 6:00 tomorrow and will feature a stunning array of performances (with more performers than in the Olympic Opening Ceremony!), aimed at telling the history of the Paralympic Movement and celebrating the idea of "ability".

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