Sunday, March 21, 2010

Water's Edge Music Festival

Day 10 of the Paralympic Games

I spent the final afternoon of my Vancouver 2010 experience in the Tri Cities, at (as far as I know) the only Cultural Olympiad event to make it's way out here. The Water's Edge Music Festival has featured a series of performers over the past weekend, and today, Lisa and I were in for a choral performance by the Coastal Sound Youth Choir and Musica Intima.

Although Musica Intima headlined, in my mind, the opening act stole the show. The youth choir presented a variety of pieces - from lyrical compositions describing the prairies at dusk, to rhythmic Brazillian songs to a sarcastic analysis of arguements between males and females. The finale was a haunting rendition of U2's "With or Without You", composed by their accompaniest.

Ranging from ages 15 to 25, their young ages gave the performance life, without losing professionalism. In comparison, Musica Intima was a little less playful. That being said, however, their talent was incredible, their voices filling the room effortlessly.

Lisa and I grabbed the chance to talk with a couple Coastal Sound members during intermission. They spoke about the opportunities that the Cultural Olympiad has opened up for them, including singing at the Opening Ceremonies, and the feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves or even their choir.

For me, their stories are perfect example of how these Games have created opportunities for youth - and Canadians in general - to exhibit their talent and interest in art, culture, and music.

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