Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are YOU Ready?

15 days to go!

I can feel the olympic spirit everywhere I go. Walking through the mall, stores are hanging up red and white banners, along the street cars are decked out in the blue and green logos, and up above banners wave encouragement. The excitement and anticipation are contagious.

Monday afternoon the Students Live group met up for a tour of the main media center for the games, down at Canada Place. It was a very impressive space, and easy to picture the bustling work area it will be during The Games, as writers and photographers hurry to meet publication dates.
We returned to the BCELC office afterwards for a meeting and some pointers from CBC blogger Theresa Lalone, who encouraged us to provide fresh, visual content (note the photo above?). We also got to work on a new video for the site, which I finished up last night. You can watch it below or find it on

Lastly, I'm following in Cheyenne's ( footsteps. This morning I bussed over to school for an interview with a teacher about being featured in our local newspaper, The Now. Of course, I mentioned my involvement in Students Live and Sharing The Dream.



  2. Thaaanks! All I really had to on my own was put in the music. You guys did the speaking and Stergios helped with all the editing. I think it turned out well though :)