Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Afternoon To Remember

Day 14

Talk about making use of our passes - got a private tour of The Royal Canadian Mint, access to the torch viewing platform, a chance to meet John Furlong and close ups of Jamie Salé and Jon Montgomery! Here are the photo highlights.
Quatchi greets fans at Robson Square

Large audience at Robson Square

Seeds Of Truce art installment at The VPL
LED light at the end of my seed of truce
John Furlong, CEO of VANOC, watches his seed of truce spiral down

Nathalie Lambert, Chef de Mission, watches her seed of truce
Speaking with John Furlong about how he anticipates feeling after The Games conclude. "Happy." He replies, quickly, with a small chuckle. "But happy because of the legacy we have created." He continues, explaining how the Games have made their mark on Vancouver and Canada and how he hopes to share this success with Sochi.
Paralympic Gold Medal. In case you don't know, each 2010 medal is unique in design. They have all been taken from a larger design, created by first nations artist Corinne Hunt. This way, if placed together in the correct formation, they will form a raven and an orca. Design and production of the medals began two and a half years ago.

Olympic Gold Medal

This solid gold coin is worth 3.5 million dollars US

Jamie Salé and Jon Montgomery!

Gold medallist, Jon Montgomery
Gazing at The Flame from the viewing deck

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